squarable, adj.squarelike, adj.squareness, n.squarer, n.
/skwair/, n., v., squared, squaring, adj., squarer, squarest, adv.
1. a rectangle having all four sides of equal length.
2. anything having this form or a form approximating it, as a city block, rectangular piece of candy, etc.
3. an open area or plaza in a city or town, formed by the meeting or intersecting of two or more streets and often planted with grass, trees, etc., in the center.
4. a rectangularly shaped area on a game board, as in chess or checkers.
5. a try square, T square, or the like.
6. Math.
a. the second power of a quantity, expressed as a2 = a × a, where a is the quantity.
b. a quantity that is the second power of another: Four is the square of two.
7. Slang. a person who is ignorant of or uninterested in current fads, ideas, manners, tastes, etc.; an old-fashioned, conventional, or conservative person.
8. Mil. (formerly) a body of troops drawn up in quadrilateral form.
9. Building Trades. a unit of measure for roofing materials, equal to 100 square feet (9.3 sq. m).
10. a flower bud of the cotton plant.
11. Naut. the area at the bottom of a hatchway.
12. Usually, squares. Informal. a square meal: to get three squares a day.
13. Astrol. a situation in which two heavenly bodies or groups of heavenly bodies have celestial longitudes differing by 90 degrees, an aspect indicative of internal tension with an equally strong and conflicting need for adjustment.
14. Obs. a pattern, standard, or example.
15. on the square,
a. at right angles.
b. Informal. straightforward; honest; just: Their dealings with us have always been on the square.
16. out of square,
a. not at right angles.
b. not in agreement; incorrect; irregular: The inspector's conclusions are out of square with his earlier report.
17. to reduce to square, rectangular, or cubical form (often fol. by off): He squared off the log to make a timber for his house.
18. to mark out in one or more squares or rectangles.
19. to test with measuring devices for deviation from a right angle, straight line, or plane surface.
20. Math.
a. to multiply (a number or quantity) by itself; raise to the second power.
b. to describe or find a square that is equivalent in area to: to square a circle.
21. to bring to the form of a right angle or right angles; set at right angles to something else.
22. to even the score of (a contest): to square a game.
23. to set (the shoulders and back) in an erect posture so they form an angle similar to a right angle.
24. to make straight, level, or even: Square the cloth on the table.
25. to regulate, as by a standard; adapt; adjust.
26. to adjust harmoniously or satisfactorily (often fol. by with): How could you square such actions with your conscience?
27. to balance; pay off; settle: to square a debt.
28. Slang. to secure a desired action or attitude by means of bribery; bribe.
29. to accord or agree (often fol. by with): Your theory does not square with the facts.
30. to settle, even, or balance a matter, as by paying a bill, returning a favor, or tying a score.
31. (of a cotton plant) to form buds.
32. square around, Baseball. (of a bunter) to shift the feet and body from a conventional batting stance to a position facing the pitcher, with the bat held across and in front of the body.
33. square away,
a. Naut. to arrange the yards so as to sail before the wind.
b. to prepare; get ready: Square away for dinner.
c. to assume a position of defense or offense: The wrestlers squared away for the first fall.
d. to organize or complete satisfactorily; put in order: I want to square away the work before going on vacation.
34. square off,
a. to assume a posture of defense or offense, as in boxing: They squared off for a fight.
b. to prepare to dispute with another; show signs of opposition or resistance: The governor and the legislature are squaring off over the landfill issue.
35. square the circle, to strive without chance of success; attempt the impossible.
36. square up, to pay or settle an account, bill, etc.: We squared up with the cashier and checked out of the hotel.
37. formed by or as a right angle; having some part or parts rectangular: a square corner.
38. having four sides and four right angles in two dimensions or three pairs of parallel sides meeting at right angles in three dimensions; having each dimension in the shape of a square or rectangle and all angles right angles: a square box.
39. noting any unit of area measurement having the form of a square and designated by a unit of linear measurement forming a side of the square: one square foot.
40. noting a system of area measurement in terms of such units.
41. (of an area) equal to a square of a specified length on a side: five miles square.
42. at right angles, or perpendicular.
43. Naut. at right angles to the mast and the keel, as a yard.
44. having a square or rectangular section: a square bar.
45. having a solid, sturdy form, esp. when characterized by a rectilinear or angular outline.
46. straight, level, or even, as a surface.
47. leaving no balance of debt on either side; having all accounts settled: I'm all square with my landlord.
48. just, fair, or honest.
49. straightforward, direct, or unequivocal.
50. Slang. conventional or conservative in style or outlook; not hip.
51. so as to be square; in square or rectangular form.
52. at right angles.
53. fairly or honestly.
54. directly or straightforwardly.
[1250-1300; (n.) ME < OF esquar(r)e < VL *exquadra, deriv. of *exquadrare (L ex- EX-1 + quadrare to square; see QUADRATE); (v.) ME squaren < OF esquarrer < VL *exquadrare; (adj.) ME < OF esquarré, ptp. of esquarrer; (adv.) deriv. of the adj.]
Syn. 3. place, park. 24. straighten. 25. rectify. 47. balanced. 49. downright, straight.

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In measurement, a device consisting of two straightedges set at a right angle.

It is used by carpenters and machinists to check the correctness of right angles, as a guide when drawing lines on materials before cutting, or for locating holes. In mechanical drawing or drafting, a T-shaped instrument known as a T square is used to establish a horizontal reference on the drafting board.
(as used in expressions)
opposition square of

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      in geometry, a plane figure with four equal sides and four right (90°) angles. A square is a special kind of rectangle (an equilateral one) and a special kind of parallelogram (an equilateral and equiangular one). A square has four axes of symmetry, and its two finite diagonals (as with any rectangle) are equal. Bisection of a square by a diagonal results in two right triangles. If the length of the side of a square is s, then the area of the square is s2, or “s squared.” From this relation is derived the algebraic use of the term square, which denotes the product that results from multiplying any algebraic expression by itself.

  in measurement, device consisting of two straightedges set at right angles to each other. It is used by carpenters and machinists for checking the correctness of right angles, as a guide when drawing lines on materials before cutting, or for locating holes. The tools shown in the Figure—> are carpenter's squares. There are two main types of machinist squares: the precision steel square, which resembles the try square in the Figure—> but is not graduated, and the combination square set. The latter consists of a steel ruler and three attachments that can slide and be clamped on it—namely, the centre head, the protractor, and the square head. The centre head has two legs situated at right angles to each other that straddle the ruler in such a way that one edge of the ruler bisects the right angle; when the legs are in contact with a circular cylinder near one end, the edge of the ruler can be used as a guide for drawing a diametral line on the end of the cylinder.

      The protractor has a blade that can be set at any angle relative to the axis of the ruler. The square has two main surfaces, one at right angles to the ruler axis and one at 45 degrees.

      In drafting, a T-shaped instrument known as a T square is used for establishing a horizontal reference on the drafting board.

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