Afro-Asiatic root-and-pattern system

Afro-Asiatic root-and-pattern system

Afro-Asiatic root-and-pattern system
ȡa;k-t-b 'write' (Arabic) katb-un 'act of writing'
katab-a 'he corresponded (with)' yu-katib-u 'he is in correspondence'
be;a-ktaba 'he has made (somebody) write' mu-katib-un 'the corresponding one'
yu-ktib-u 'he is making (somebody) write' katib-un, pl. kuttab 'someone writing, scribe'
mu-ktib-un 'making (somebody) write' kitab-un, pl. kutub 'book'
ma-ktab-un 'the place to write, school' ma-ktub-un 'written'
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