Kolchak, Aleksandr Vasilyevich

Kolchak, Aleksandr Vasilyevich

▪ Russian naval officer
born Nov. 4 [Nov. 16, New Style], 1874, St. Petersburg, Russia
died Feb. 7, 1920, Irkutsk, Siberia

      Arctic explorer and naval officer, who was recognized in 1919–20 by the “Whites” as supreme ruler of Russia; after his overthrow he was put to death by the Bolsheviks (Bolshevik).

      At the outbreak of World War I, Kolchak was flag captain of the Baltic fleet. By August 1916, as a vice admiral, he was commanding the fleet in the Black Sea. In June 1917, after the February revolution, he resigned under pressure and went to the United States. Next he tried, unsuccessfully, to coordinate White Russian forces in Manchuria. In October 1918 he went to Omsk, where he became war minister in the non-Bolshevik government. On Nov. 18, 1918, a military coup d'état at Omsk brought him absolute power there.

      His armies, though at first successful, eventually were routed. When Omsk fell to the Red Army on Nov. 14, 1919, Kolchak transferred his headquarters to Irkutsk, but on Jan. 4, 1920, he was forced to resign when a Socialist Revolutionary–Menshevik group seized power in that city. He placed himself under Allied protection, but the Czechs handed him over to the Irkutsk authorities, from whom he was taken by the Bolsheviks. He was summarily executed and his body thrown into the Angara River.

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