To form, build. Oldest form *dheig̑h-, becoming *dheigh- in centum languages.
Derivatives include dairy, lady, dough, and paradise.
1. dairy, from Old English dǣge, bread kneader, from Germanic *daigjōn-.
2. lady, from Old English compound hlǣfdige, mistress of a household (< “bread kneader” hlāf, bread, loaf), from Germanic *dīg-.
3. Suffixed o-grade form *dhoigh-o-.
a. dough, from Old English dāg, dough;
b. teiglach, from Old High German teic, dough. Both a and b from Germanic *daigaz.
4. Suffixed zero-grade form *dhigh-ūrā-. figure, figurine; configure, disfigure, prefigure, transfigure, from Latin figūra, form, shape (< “result of kneading”).
5. Nasalized zero-grade form *dhi-n-gh-. fainéant, faint, feign, feint, fictile, fiction, figment; effigy, from Latin fingere, to shape.
6. Probable nasalized zero-grade form *dhi-n-g(h)-. thigmotaxis, thixotropy, from Greek thinganein, to touch.
7. Suffixed o-grade form *dhoigh-o-. paradise, from Avestan daēza-, wall (originally made of clay or mud bricks).
[Pokorny dheig̑h- 244.]

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