To hold firmly, support.
Derivatives include infirmary and throne.
1. Suffixed form *dher-mo-. farm, fermata, firm1, firm2, firmament; affirm, confirm, furl, infirm, infirmary, from Latin firmus, firm, strong.
2. Perhaps extended form *dhergh-, seen by some as the source of Latin fortis, strong, but this is more likely from bhergh-2.
3. Suffixed zero-grade form *dhr-ono-. throne, from Greek thronos, seat, throne (< “support”).
4. Suffixed form *dher-mn̥. dharma, from Sanskrit dharma, statute, law (< “that which is established firmly”).
5. Suffixed form *dher-eno-. dharna, from Prakrit dharaṇa, a holding firm.
6. Suffixed o-grade form *dhor-o-. sirdar, tahsildar, zamindar, from Iranian dāra-, holding, whence Persian -dār.
[Pokorny 2. dher- 252.]

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