To suck. Contracted from *dheə₁(i)-.
Derivatives include female, fawn2, fetus, fennel, and affiliate.
1. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-mnā-. female, feme, feminine; effeminate, from Latin fēmina, woman (< “she who suckles”).
2. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-to-. fawn2, fetal, fetus; effete, feticide, superfetate, from Latin fētus, pregnancy, childbearing, offspring, with adjective fētus, fēta, pregnant.
3. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-kwondo-. fecund, from Latin fēcundus, fruitful.
4. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-no-. fennel, finocchio; fenugreek, sainfoin, from Latin fēnum, faenum, hay (< “produce”).
5. Probably suffixed zero-grade form *dhī-lyo- (< *dhiə-lyo-). filial, filiate, fils1; affiliate, hidalgo, from Latin fīlius, son, and fīlia, daughter (but these are conceivably from the root bheuə-).
6. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-lo-. fellatio, from Latin fēlāre, fellāre, to suck.
7. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-l-īk-. felicitate, felicity; felicific, infelicity, from Latin fēlīx, fruitful, fertile, lucky, happy.
8. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-lā-. endothelium, epithelium, mesothelium, from Greek thēlē, nipple.
9. Suffixed reduced form *dhē-l-u-. theelin, from Greek thēlus, female.
[Pokorny dhē(i)- 241.]

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