Afro-Asiatic lexical correspondences

Afro-Asiatic lexical correspondences

Afro-Asiatic lexical correspondences
Afroasiatic Chadic Cushitic Egyptian Amazigh Semitic
bone * E33;š * be;Jašu gaas 'horn' (Rendille) E33;s ix e63;
child *wl *wəlo weel (Rendille) ult 'daughter' walad (Arabic)
to die *m(w)t *mətə mut (Rendille) mt əmmet met (Hebrew)
to eat *t(y) *ti tiyu 'food' (Beja) ti 'bread' t-att (intensive) te (Soqotri)
eye *l *ali (pl.) il (Rendille) ir.t allən (pl.)
to fly *pr *pərə fir (Beja) p3 afrəw fer (Soqotri)
name *šm *šəm səm (Agau) isəm šem (Hebrew)
root *šr *šari sər (Agau) a e93;ar šor b5;š (Hebrew)
to spit *tf *tufə tuf (Rendille) tf sutəf taffa (Arabic)
stone *bn *bəna
'millstone' bnw.t
'millstone' awwun (Shilha) be; b5;b b5;n (Hebrew)
tongue *ls/* *alsi ns iləs lošon (Hebrew)
water *m *am (pl.) yam (pl.) (Beja) mw (pl.) aman (pl.) mayim (pl. Hebrew)
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