Designations and classification of the Nilo-Saharan languages

Designations and classification of the Nilo-Saharan languages

Designations and classification of the
Nilo-Saharan languages
former classification (1963) current classification
1. Songhai 1. Songhai
2. Saharan 2. Saharan
3. Maba 3. Maban
4. Fur 4. Fur
5. Chari-Nile 5. Eastern Sudanic
   Eastern Sudanic      Nubian
     Nubian      Surmic
     Murle, etc.      Nera
     Barea      Eastern Jebel
     Ingassana      Nyimang, Afitti
     Nyima, Afitti      Temein, Keiga Jirru
     Temein, Teis-um-Danab      Taman
     Merarit, Tama, Sungor      Daju
     Dagu of Darfur, etc.      Nilotic
     Nilotic      Kuliak
     Nyangiya, Teuso 6. Kunama
   Kunama 7. Berta
   Berta 8. Central Sudanic
   Central Sudanic 9. Komuz
6. Coman  10. Kadu
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