Properties of some amines

Properties of some amines

Properties of some amines
RNH2     R2NH     R3N    
substituent group, R boiling point (°C) pKb boiling point (°C) pKb boiling point (°C) pKb
CH3 −6 3.38 7 3.36 3.5 4.24
C2H5 16.5 3.37 55.5 3.02 89.4 3.35
n-C4H9 77.8 3.41 161 2.75 214 3.11
sec-C4H9 66 3.44 132 2.99
tert-C4H9 45 3.55 95
C6H5 184.4* 4.59 302** 0.85 365*** <0
*Melting point −6.24 °C.     **Melting point 52.8 °C.     ***Melting point 127 °C.
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