Some Common Diseases of Domestic Poultry, Table

Some Common Diseases of Domestic Poultry, Table


name(s) of disease causative agent nature of disease

Coccidiosis protozoans (e.g., Emieria affected birds show low egg production, poor growth rates, and high mor-
tenella) tality; cecal coccidiosis (the cecum is a pouch in the large intestine), a
serious disease caused by tenella; many protozoa produce intestinal
Blackhead (histo- protozoan (Histomonas may kill up to 50 percent of a turkey flock; symptoms include droopy
moniasis) meleagridis) wings and damage to liver and cecum; Heterakis gallinae, a worm in
the turkey cecum, probably transmits the protozoan
Psittacosis (orni- virus (Bedsonia) affects parakeets, canaries, parrots, pigeons, and other pet birds; symptoms
thosis) include lack of appetite, ruffled feathers; can be transmitted to humans
Avian lymphomato- virus an infectious disease; manifestations include formation of tumours; three
sis forms occur, depending on location of tumours: visceral (internal
organs); neural (nerve); and ocular (eye) lymphomatosis
Pullorum disease bacterium (Salmonella pul- affects most species of fowl (chickens); mortality rate high, also reduces
lorum) egg productivity of mature females; transmitted from egg-producing
organs of hen to chick; disease causes hemorrhages throughout body
Digestive diseases in functional disturbance symptoms include slowly emptying, loosely hanging crop (digestive organ);
caged birds deficiency of grit (particles that aid in digestion) results in poor
nutrition; symptoms include obstruction of crop, vomiting, intestinal
inflammation, and various liver disorders
Fractured legs in physical agent in canaries, about 70 percent of fractures involve the metatarsus (hind-
caged birds foot); in budgerigars, 70 percent involve the tibia (hindleg)

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