T'aebaek Mountains

T'aebaek Mountains

▪ mountains, Korea
Korean  T'aebaek-sanmaek 
 main ridge of the Korean Peninsula, stretching along the coast of the Sea of Japan (East Sea), north to Hwangnyong Mountain (4,160 feet [1,268 m]), North Korea, and continuing south as the Kyŏngsang Range to Tadae-p'o, a suburb of Pusan, South Korea. The T'aebaek range is 300 miles (500 km) long and averages 2,600– 3,300 feet (1,000 m) in height. Peaks include Kŭmgang (5,374 feet [1,638 m]), Sŏrak (5,604 feet [1,708 m]), Odae (5,128 feet [1,563 m]), and T'aebaek (5,121 feet [1,561 m]). The eastern side of the range forms a steep fault line to the coast, but the western side forms a gentle incline. Many spurs, such as the Sobaek, Charyŏng, and Kwangju mountains, stretch southwest. South Korea's most important rivers, among them the Han, Naktong, and Kŭm, originate in the T'aebaek Mountains. Mineral resources include iron, coal, tungsten, fluorite, and limestone, and there are extensive forests.

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