do (province), southeastern North Korea (Korea, North), facing the East Sea (Sea of Japan (Japan, Sea of)). The province consists of the small northern part of the former Kangwŏn province, which was divided at latitude 38° N (the 38th parallel) in 1945 and, after the armistice following the Korean War (1953), by the truce line. In 1945 Wŏnsan (now the provincial capital) and two counties from South Hamgyŏng province were included as part of Kangwŏn province. Most of the province's area is in the northern end of the T'aebaek Mountains, where Mount Kŭmgang (5,374 feet [1,638 metres]) is located. Mount Kŭmgang has been known since antiquity as one of the most picturesque places in East Asia. The mountain and its foothills have many jagged rocks and peaks (12,000 have been counted), precipices and stone pillars formed by erosion, deep ponds and waterfalls, a variety of thick broad-leaved and needle-leaved trees, and more than 100 old temples, including Changan, Mahayon, and Sin'gye temples. In 1998 the Mount Kŭmgang tourist area was opened to South Korean visitors for the first time since the Korean War.

      Agricultural products include grains and fruits, especially persimmons. Fishing has also become important. There are abundant reserves of underground mineral resources such as lead, zinc, gold, silver, nickel, manganese, anthracite coal, and brown coal. Industries—including shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, refining, and cement manufacturing—are concentrated around Wŏnsan. Area 4,306 square miles (11,152 square km). Pop. (1993) 1,304,481.

      do (province), northeastern South Korea, bounded (east) by the Sea of Japan (East Sea) and by the provinces of North Kyŏngsang and North Ch'ung-ch'ŏng (south) and Kyŏnggi (west). In the north it was divided between North and South Korea by the 38th parallel in 1945 and, following the Korean War armistice (1953), by the truce line, with most of the original province in South Korea. The T'aebaek-sanmaek (mountains) nearly reach the sea, and the contour of the coastline is steep and smooth. Of its 6,523-sq-mi (16,894-sq-km) area, four-fifths is woodland that contains forest products such as edible alpine plants and mushrooms. Mineral resources include iron, coal, tungsten, fluorite, and limestone. Other industries have been created by the development of hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants. The nearby waters abound in fish, especially cuttlefish and pollack. Cities in the province are Ch'unch'ŏn, the provincial capital, Kangnŭng, Wŏnju, and Sokch'o. Both Sŏrak-san (mountain; 5,604 ft [1,708 m]), with a ski run, and Mt. Odae (5,128 ft [1,563 m]) are in national parks in the T'aebaek-sanmaek. Pop. (1990 prelim.) 1,592,000.

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