Pavia, Battle of

Pavia, Battle of

Europe [1525]
      (Feb. 24, 1525), the decisive military engagement of the war in Italy between Francis I of France and the Habsburg emperor Charles V, in which the French army of 28,000 was virtually annihilated and Francis himself, commanding the French army, was taken prisoner. Francis was sent to Madrid, where, the following year, he concluded peace and surrendered French claims to Italy.

      The French army had been besieging the city of Pavia, 20 miles (30 kilometres) south of Milan, when the 23,000-man Habsburg army under Fernando Francisco de Avalos, marchese di Pescara, arrived to aid the 6,000-man garrison and lift the siege. The battle began as a night surprise attack by the Habsburg army with limited objectives and developed unexpectedly into a decisive battle. A hasty French attack was on the point of encircling Pescara when 1,500 Spanish arquebusiers opened fire on the rear of the French cavalry and riddled the ranks of the French and their allied Swiss infantry. The French attacks thereafter, made by German and Swiss mercenary infantry, were routed. The Spanish counterattack, supported by the Pavia garrison, which joined in the battle, completely swept the French from the field, destroying Francis' army as a fighting force in the process. Spanish hegemony in Italy dates from this battle. The Battle of Pavia also marks the ascendancy of the arquebus, at least in Spanish hands, over mounted shock action (that is, cavalry charges).

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