Königsberg, Albertus University of

Königsberg, Albertus University of

▪ historical university, Prussia
German  Albertus-universität Zu Königsberg,  

      institution of higher learning founded in Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia), in 1544 by Albert, the first duke of Prussia. At first drawing its enrollment mainly from Prussia, Poland, and Lithuania, the Protestant-affiliated university after the Thirty Years' War (1618–48) attracted students from all over the German-speaking world.

      In 1740 Immanuel Kant (Kant, Immanuel), born in Königsberg, entered the university's theology school, soon transferring his interest to Newtonian physics, spending 15 years as a lecturer, and finally becoming professor of logic and metaphysics. Other prominent figures who taught at the university include the astronomer Friedrich W. Bessel, the mathematician K.G.J. Jacobi, and the scientist Hermann von Helmholtz.

      The city of Königsberg suffered severe damage in World War II, and the old university came to an end in 1945. Königsberg then, as Kaliningrad, became part of Kaliningrad oblast, Russian S.F.S.R. In 1967 Kaliningrad State University was established there. There are faculties of physics, mathematics, history and philology, economics, law, geography, chemistry, and biology.

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