Khuri, Bishara al-

Khuri, Bishara al-

▪ president of Lebanon
born Aug. 10, 1890, Beirut, Ottoman Empire [now in Lebanon]
died Jan. 11, 1964, Beirut

      Lebanese statesman, president of Lebanon from 1943 to 1952.

      The son of a prominent Lebanese Christian civil official, Khuri studied law in Paris and there learned to speak French fluently. In 1920 Khuri became secretary-general to the government of Mount Lebanon (the predecessor state of modern-day Lebanon), and he was soon appointed to the newly formed administrative council. He held this position until 1922, when he returned to a private law practice. Under Prime Minister Adīb he returned to politics in 1926 as minister of the interior. During the next three years, Khuri himself was prime minister of Lebanon on three occasions, holding that office for a total of almost two years. Between 1926 and 1932 the personal rivalry between Khuri and Émile Eddé, another Christian, dominated the internal politics of Lebanon.

      During World War II, Khuri cultivated close contacts with the British. In 1943 the French held general elections to implement their earlier grant of Lebanese independence, and Khuri was elected president, although he was temporarily arrested by the French in November 1943 after his government had introduced changes in Lebanon's constitution that eliminated all vestiges of French political influence in the country. In 1948 Khuri had the national legislature amend the constitution to allow him a second term in office. He won the subsequent election, but widespread opposition to the dubious means by which he had obtained the legislature's approval of the amendment, as well as to the corruption and favouritism displayed by him, forced him into retirement in September 1952.

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