Kāʾūsīyeh dynasty

Kāʾūsīyeh dynasty

▪ Iranian dynasty
      (AD 665–c. 1006), branch of the Bāvand dynasty, which ruled in Ṭabaristān (now Māzandarān, northern Iran).

      The origins and early history of the Kāʾūsīyeh branch are obscure. Its founder and the founder of the main dynasty was a certain Bāv (ruled 665–680). The dynasty was centred at Ferīm, in the mountainous country southwest of Sārī. Its geographical isolation and the difficult nature of the terrain enabled it to survive. In c. 854 Qāren I (ruled 837–867) converted to Islam. During the 10th century the Bāvands maintained their independence through various marriage alliances with the Būyid and Zeyārid dynasties (Zeyārid Dynasty). Rostam III (ruled 1006–57) became a vassal of the Zeyārid king Qābūs, but with weakening of Zeyārid power, Rostam and his successor Qāren II (ruled 1057–74) reigned as petty rulers in the mountainous area near Sārī.

      The Kāʾūsīyeh branch was succeeded c. 1074 by another branch of the Bāvand dynasty known as Espahbadīyeh, which ruled in Māzandarān and Gīlān until 1210.

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