Hōgen Disturbance

Hōgen Disturbance

▪ Japanese history
Japanese  Hōgen No Ran  

      (July 1156), in Japan, conflict in the Hōgen era between the Taira and Minamoto clans that marked the end of the Fujiwara family's dominance of the monarchy and the start of a prolonged period of feudal warfare.

      The conflict began as a dispute over control of the Imperial court between the retired emperor Sutoku and the reigning emperor Go-Shirakawa. When the head of the Fujiwara family, which had controlled the position of chief councillor, or kampaku, since 857, supported Go-Shirakawa, Sutoku called in a band of Minamoto and Taira warriors headed by Minamoto Tameyoshi. Another group of warriors headed by Taira Kiyomori then came to the aid of the opposing side. Kiyomori's forces were victorious; Tameyoshi was executed, and Sutoku was exiled. Fujiwara leadership had been proven ineffective, however, and the Taira family came into real control of the government.

      Three years later, Minamoto Yoshitomo, the head of the Minamoto forces that had allied with Taira Kiyomori in 1156, attempted a coup d'etat against Taira leadership. In the ensuing Heiji Disturbance (Heiji no ran), Kiyomori emerged victorious, and the Taira consolidated their hold over the country.

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