Herod Agrippa II

Herod Agrippa II

▪ king of Chalcis
born AD 27
died c. 93

      king of Chalcis in southern Lebanon from AD 50 and tetrarch of Batanaea and Trachonitis in south Syria from AD 53, who unsuccessfully mediated with the rebels in the Jewish Revolt of AD 66–70. He was a great-grandson of Herod I the Great.

      Agrippa II was raised and educated at the imperial court in Rome. Because of his youth at the death of his father, Agrippa I, in 44, the emperor Claudius returned Judaea to the status of a province. The young prince, however, took an interest in the welfare of the Jews and helped secure them an edict of moderation. In 48 he received authority over temple affairs in Jerusalem. Two years later he became king of Chalcis, and in 53 he exchanged this land for Philip the Tetrarch's former holdings. Nero, the new emperor, in 54 added territory near the Sea of Galilee to Agrippa's realm. As his father had been, Agrippa II was an ardent collaborator with Rome and did all in his power to prevent the rupture between Rome and Jewry, but in vain.

      Between 52 and 60, he appointed several high priests and earned the enmity of the conflicting parties. Though he supported the rights of the Jews at Alexandria, who faced trouble from the Hellenized populace, he avoided politics in Judaea, where the Zealots (Zealot), a terrorist group, were active. In 60, when St. Paul was arrested, the procurator consulted Agrippa concerning the Apostle's case; the Tetrarch found him innocent.

      In 66, the procurator Gessius Florus permitted a massacre of Jews in Caesarea, and the Zealots at Jerusalem rose in revolt. When Agrippa supported Florus, urging moderation, the Zealots gained the upper hand, and the case became hopeless.

      Trouble threatened in his own kingdom. Some troops he had sent to Jerusalem capitulated in the summer of 66, and the rebels massacred the Roman garrison. Titus arrived in 67, and Agrippa assisted Roman operations. In 70 he aided Titus' son in the final conquest of Jerusalem itself. After the war, his territory was enlarged by Titus, and he apparently survived until 93.

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