▪ Greek diplomat
died 408/407 BC

      leader of the moderate democrats of Syracuse, Sicily; he played an important role in saving the city from conquest by the Athenians between 415 and 413 BC.

      In 424, during the Peloponnesian War (431–404) between Athens and Sparta, Hermocrates persuaded the cities of Sicily to agree to make peace, thus ending the three-year war between his city and Sicily's pro-Athenian towns. The Athenian forces, which had been sent to Sicily to support Greek settlements there, were forced to withdraw. In 415, however, the Athenians returned to besiege Syracuse with a larger army. Hermocrates headed the Syracusan defense—with limited success—until the Spartan officer Gylippus arrived with reinforcements. After the Athenian fleet was crushed in the final sea battle in the harbour at Syracuse (413), Hermocrates tricked the Athenians' army into delaying its retreat, thus giving the Syracusans time to block the escape routes. Soon after the Athenian army surrendered, Hermocrates sailed with a small squadron of Syracusan ships to help Sparta fight against Athens in the eastern Aegean Sea (412–410). In his absence the radical democrat Diocles seized power in Syracuse. Declared an exile, Hermocrates was killed attempting to force his way back in the winter of 408–407.

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