Desai, Morarji

Desai, Morarji

▪ prime minister of India
in full  Morarji Ranchhodji Desai 
born Feb. 29, 1896, Bhadeli, Gujarat province, India
died April 10, 1995, Bombay [now Mumbai]

      prime minister of India (1977–79), first leader of sovereign India not to represent the long-ruling Indian National Congress party.

      The son of a village teacher, Desai was educated at the University of Bombay (now the University of Mumbai (Mumbai, University of)) and in 1918 joined the provincial civil service of Bombay as a minor functionary. In 1930 he resigned to join Mohandas Gandhi's (Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand) civil disobedience movement and spent almost 10 years in British jails during the struggle for independence. During the 1930s and '40s he alternated prison service with ministerial posts in the government of Bombay, rising to the chief ministerial post in 1952. He gained a reputation for administrative skill as well as for harshness.

      In 1956 Desai was named commerce and industry minister in the Indian government, for which he worked in high capacities until 1963, when he resigned. He became deputy prime minister in 1967. In 1969 he again resigned to become chairman of the opposition to Indira Gandhi (Gandhi, Indira) and the Congress Party. He was arrested in 1975 for his political activities and detained in solitary confinement until 1977, whereupon he became active in the Janata Party, a coalition of four smaller parties. That same year, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi unexpectedly held elections after a 19-month suspension of political processes, and Janata achieved a surprising and overwhelming victory. Desai was chosen to be prime minister as a compromise candidate among Janata's leaders. After two years of political tension, the Janata coalition began to unravel. Desai announced his resignation on July 15, 1979, after numerous defections from the coalition in Parliament, to avoid a vote of no confidence.

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