Bethlen, István, Count

Bethlen, István, Count

▪ prime minister of Hungary
born Oct. 8, 1874, Gernyeszeg, Transylvania, Austria-Hungary [now Gornești, Rom.]
died Oct. 5, 1946, Moscow?

      statesman and Hungarian prime minister from 1921 to 1931, who maintained the old order in Hungary after World War I.

      Born into an old aristocratic Transylvanian family, Bethlen was elected to Parliament as a Liberal (1901). Later he joined the national opposition and became active in the counterrevolutionary movement against Béla Kun's (Kun, Béla) communist regime (1918–19). When Kun fell, Bethlen returned to the Hungarian Parliament and, in April 1921, became prime minister with the hope of establishing a strong conservative regime.

      Bethlen's domestic policy was authoritarian. He tried to preserve the old feudal aristocratic privileges, ended land redistribution, reintroduced a system of public voting in the nonurban areas, and restricted suffrage.

      His foreign policy aimed ultimately at a revision of the Treaty of Trianon (1920; which alienated territory from Hungary), but he realized the necessity of first gaining internal security and the right friends abroad. Meanwhile, he negotiated Hungary's admission to the League of Nations, obtained a reconstruction loan, and facilitated the influx of private capital from abroad. In 1927 he broke through the encirclement of the Little Entente (a triangular coalition of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania against Hungary) to sign a treaty of friendship with Italy.

      Hungary's economic and political gains were shattered by the world economic crisis of 1929. Unable to cope with the financial situation, Bethlen resigned in 1931. He retained some political significance as the leader of the forces opposing the new right-wing radicals. After the German occupation (March 1944) of Hungary, Bethlen went into hiding, but the Russians captured him in 1945 and took him to Moscow, where he was reported to have died.

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