Sancho III Garcés

Sancho III Garcés
known as Sancho the Great

born с 992
died Oct. 18, 1035

King of Navarra (1000–35).

Son of García III, he proved to be a skilled politician and succeeded in extending control over all the Christian states of Spain. In 1010 he married Munia, daughter of the count of Castile, and he elevated Castile to a kingdom in 1029. By dividing his kingdom between his four sons, he made fratricidal wars inevitable after his death.

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▪ king of Pamplona [Navarre]
byname  Sancho The Great,  Spanish  Sancho El Mayor, or El Grande 
born c. 992
died Oct. 18, 1035

      king of Pamplona (Navarre) from about 1000 to 1035, the son of García II (or III).

      Sancho established Navarrese hegemony over all the Christian states of Spain at a time when the caliphate of Córdoba was in a state of turmoil. Sancho was uninterested in a crusade against the Moors, but he was interested in the expansion of Pamplona, which he began by the seizure of the ancient Frankish counties of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza (1016–19). A skilled politician, Sancho pursued his aims more by subversion than by force of arms. He persuaded the Count of Barcelona, Berenguer Ramón I, to accept him as overlord. Gascony did likewise, giving him direct sovereignty over Labourd. As a consequence of his marriage (1010) to Munia, daughter of Count Sancho García (d. 1017) of Castile, Sancho secured his own acceptance as count when Sancho García's son, the child Count García, was assassinated (1029). He then took up Castilian irredentist claims in eastern Leon and occupied the Leonese capital, where he was crowned (1034)—taking the imperial title. Sancho, who introduced some feudal practices into his new dominions, also encouraged the Cluniac reformers and established much closer contacts generally between Christian Spain and trans-Pyrenean Europe. In his will, however, he deliberately destroyed the empire he had created: he divided it into four kingdoms and left these to his four sons, thus making inevitable the fratricidal wars that followed his death. Sancho created the kingdom of Aragon and was responsible for the elevation of Castile from county to kingdom, though he transferred some Castilian territory to Pamplona, which he left to his eldest son, García III (or IV).

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