Königgrätz, Battle of

Königgrätz, Battle of
or Battle of Sadowa

(July 3, 1866) Decisive battle in the Seven Weeks' War between Prussia and Austria, fought at Sadowa, near Königgrätz, Bohemia (now Hradec Králové, Czech Republic).

The Austrians, equipped with muzzle-loading rifles and relying heavily on the bayonet charge, were led by Ludwig von Benedek (1804–1881). The Prussians, led by Helmuth von Moltke, were armed with breech-loading needle guns; they used railroad transport to move their troops, a first in European warfare. The Prussian victory led to Austria's exclusion from a Prussian-dominated Germany.

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▪ Austrian history
also called  Battle Of Sadowa 

      (July 3, 1866), decisive battle during the Seven Weeks' War between Prussia and Austria, fought at the village of Sadowa, northwest of the Bohemian town of Königgrätz (now Hradec Králové, Czech Republic) on the upper Elbe River. The Prussian victory effected Austria's exclusion from a Prussian-dominated Germany.

      Austrian forces on the Bohemian front numbered about 240,000 men, who were equipped with muzzle-loading rifles and relied heavily on the bayonet charge. Their recently appointed commander, General Ludwig August, Ritter von Benedek (Benedek, Ludwig August, Ritter von), had accepted the post with reluctance because of his unfamiliarity with both troops and local terrain. The Prussian forces, totaling some 285,000 men, were deployed mainly in three armies ranging in a 270-mile-long arc, from the border of Saxony to Silesia, under the general command of the chief of the general staff, Helmuth von Moltke (Moltke, Helmuth von), who was to test his new theories and methods in the encounter. The Prussian troops were armed with breech-loading needle guns and for the first time in European warfare fully enjoyed the advantages of railroad transport.

      After a series of local successes in the field, Moltke was able to unite the three armies on July 1. Because Prussian reconnaissance was faulty and Benedek was searching for better ground, both forces joined battle on July 3 from unfavourable positions. The Austrians lost about 45,000 men, nearly half that number having been taken prisoner, while the Prussians lost fewer than 10,000. Benedek's retreat to the southeast and the Prussians' failure to pursue allowed the Austrians to regroup at Olmütz (Olomouc) in Moravia. Both armies were again prepared for battle near Vienna when a truce was arranged at Nikolsburg (Mikulov) on July 26. Benedek was held responsible for the defeat and was retired. The Prussians learned profitable lessons for the future from their mistakes in this test of strength.

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