battler, n.
/bat"l/, n., v., battled, battling.
1. a hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces: the battle of Waterloo.
2. participation in such hostile encounters or engagements: wounds received in battle.
3. a fight between two persons or animals: ordering a trial by battle to settle the dispute.
4. any conflict or struggle: a battle for control of the Senate.
5. Archaic. a battalion.
6. give or do battle, to enter into conflict; fight: He was ready to do battle for his beliefs.
7. to engage in battle: ready to battle with the enemy.
8. to work very hard or struggle; strive: to battle for freedom.
9. to fight (a person, army, cause, etc.): We battled strong winds and heavy rains in our small boat.
10. to force or accomplish by fighting, struggling, etc.: He battled his way to the top of his profession.
[1250-1300; ME bataile < OF < VL *battalia for LL battualia (neut. pl.) gladiatorial exercises, equiv. to battu(ere) to strike (see BATE2) + -alia, neut. pl. of -ALIS -AL2]
Syn. 1. contest, conflict, war. BATTLE, ACTION, SKIRMISH mean a conflict between organized armed forces. A BATTLE is a prolonged and general conflict pursued to a definite decision: the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. A SKIRMISH is a slight engagement, often on the periphery of an area of battle: several minor skirmishes. An ACTION can be a battle or a skirmish or can refer to actual fighting or combat: a major military action; action along the border; He saw action in the campaign. 2. warfare, combat, fighting. 6. conflict. 8. contest.
/bat"l/, v.t., battled, battling. Archaic.
to furnish (a building or wall) with battlements; crenelate.
[1300-50; ME batailen < MF bataillier to provide with batailles. See BATTLEMENT]

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(as used in expressions)
Actium Battle of
Adrianople Battle of
Battle of Hadrianopolis
Adwa Battle of
Battle of Adowa
Aegospotami Battle of
Agincourt Battle of
Antietam Battle of
Atlantic Battle of the
Austerlitz Battle of
Balaklava Battle of
Bannockburn Battle of
Blenheim Battle of
Borodino Battle of
Bosworth Field Battle of
Bouvines Battle of
Boyne Battle of the
Brandywine Battle of the
Britain Battle of
Buena Vista Battle of
Bulge Battle of the
Bunker Hill Battle of
Cannae Battle of
Caporetto Battle of
Carrhae Battle of
Cerro Gordo Battle of
Chaeronea Battle of
Chancellorsville Battle of
Châteauguay Battle of
Chattanooga Battle of
Chickamauga Battle of
Chippewa Battle of
Contreras Battle of
Copenhagen Battle of
Crécy Battle of
Culloden Battle of
Dien Bien Phu Battle of
Dorylaeum Battle of
Fallen Timbers Battle of
Flodden Battle of
Fredericksburg Battle of
Friedland Battle of
Gaugamela Battle of
Germantown Battle of
Gettysburg Battle of
Granicus Battle of the
Hastings Battle of
Ipsus Battle of
Issus Battle of
Jutland Battle of
Karbala' Battle of
Kings Mountain Battle of
Königgrätz Battle of
Battle of Sadowa
Kosovo Battle of
Kursk Battle of
Las Navas de Tolosa Battle of
Battle of Al Uqab
Lechfeld Battle of
Leipzig Battle of
Battle of the Nations
Lepanto Battle of
Leyte Gulf Battle of
Little Bighorn Battle of the
Magenta Battle of
Maldon Battle of
Manila Bay Battle of
Manzikert Battle of
Marathon Battle of
Marengo Battle of
Marne First Battle of the
Marne Second Battle of the
Marston Moor Battle of
Midway Battle of
Mobile Bay Battle of
Monitor and Merrimack Battle of the
Munda Battle of
Naseby Battle of
Navarino Battle of
Nemea Battle of
New Orleans Battle of
Nicopolis Battle of
Nile Battle of the
Novara Battle of
Pharsalus Battle of
Philippine Sea Battle of the
Plataea Battle of
Poitiers Battle of
Poltava Battle of
Pydna Battle of
Qadisiyyah Battle of
Quebec Battle of
Roncesvalles Battle of
Battle of Roncevaux
Salamis Battle of
Sedan Battle of
Shiloh Battle of
Solferino Battle of
Somme Battle of the
Stalingrad Battle of
Tannenberg Battle of
Thames Battle of the
Thapsus Battle of
Thermopylae Battle of
Ticonderoga Battle of
Tippecanoe Battle of
Tours/Poitiers Battle of
Trafalgar Battle of
Tsushima Battle of
Ulm Battle of
Varna Battle of
Verdun Battle of
Wagram Battle of
Waterloo Battle of
White Mountain Battle of
Wilderness Battle of the
Zama Battle of

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      town (parish), Rother district, administrative county of East Sussex, historic county of Sussex, England, just inland from Hastings. A ridge to the southeast, called Senlac, was the site of the famous battle in which William I the Conqueror (William I) defeated the English in 1066. Before the battle William vowed to build an abbey on the spot if victorious, and in 1094 its church was consecrated, with an altar standing where the English king Harold II fell. The great gateway, built in 1338, survives alongside the town, but after the Reformation the church was destroyed and the abbey converted into a mansion that is now occupied by a school. Pop. (2001) 6,048.

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