Ancient town on the Euphrates River, Syria.

Originally a Babylonian town, it was rebuilt as a military colony с 300 BC under the Seleucid dynasty. Annexed by the Romans in AD 165, it became a frontier fortress. Shortly after 256 it was overrun and destroyed by the Sāsānian dynasty. Its ruins give an unusually detailed picture of everyday life there and provide information about the fusion of Hellenistic and Semitic culture.

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▪ ancient city, Syria
also spelled  Doura-Europus 

      ruined Syrian city, located in the Syrian desert near Dayr az-Zawr. Excavations were carried out first by Franz Cumont (1922–23) and later by M. Rostovtzev (1928–37). Dura was originally a Babylonian town, but it was rebuilt as a military colony about 300 BC by the Seleucids and given the alternative name of Europus after the native city in Macedonia of its reputed founder, Seleucus I Nicator. About 100 BC it fell to the Parthians and became a prosperous caravan city. It was annexed by the Romans in AD 165; under them it was a frontier fortress. Shortly after AD 256 it was overrun and destroyed by the Sāsānians.

      The remains at Dura-Europus give an unusually detailed picture of the everyday life there; and the inscriptions, reliefs, and architecture provide abundant information about the fusion of Greek and Semitic culture. Two structures dating to the 3rd century AD were found to contain extensive wall paintings.

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