Carrhae, Battle of

Carrhae, Battle of
(53 BC) Battle that stopped the Roman invasion of Parthian Mesopotamia (see Parthia).

The Romans were led by Crassus, who wanted a victory to balance those of his fellow triumvirs Pompey and Julius Caesar. With seven legions (about 44,000 men) but little cavalry, he was defeated in the desert by 10,000 mounted Parthian archers and was killed while trying to negotiate. His defeat damaged Roman prestige, and his death gave impetus to Caesar's quest for power.

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▪ 53 BC, Rome-Parthia
      (53 BC), battle that stopped the Roman invasion of Parthian (Parthia) Mesopotamia by the triumvir Marcus Licinius Crassus (Crassus, Marcus Licinius). War was precipitated by Crassus, who wanted a military reputation to balance that of his partners, Pompey and Julius Caesar. With seven legions (about 44,000 men), but insufficient cavalry, he invaded Mesopotamia, which was defended by a Parthian noble of the Suren family (whose personal name is not known). Learning that Surenas (i.e., “the Suren”) was in the desert east of the Euphrates River, Crassus left the cover of the river and struck out toward Carrhae; this move has been condemned as rash, but, since Seleucia on the Tigris was his ultimate objective, he had to cross open country at some time. Suddenly the Parthians were upon him, with a force of about 1,000 armoured knights and nearly 10,000 horse archers. His troops were neither acclimatized nor adapted to desert warfare. While his son Publius in vain launched a covering attack with his cavalry, the main Roman forces had formed a square against the encircling Parthians and tried unsuccessfully to cover both body and head with their shields against the showers of Parthian arrows.

      Surenas' provision of a corps of 1,000 Arabian camels, one for every 10 men, enabled the Parthians to retire by sections and replenish their quivers. Crassus, lacking provisions, was compelled by his demoralized men to negotiate but was cut down by the Parthians in the attempt. About 10,000 Romans escaped, but the rest of Crassus' men were either captured or killed. The Parthians had dealt a stunning blow to Roman prestige in the East, and the death of Crassus had serious repercussions on Roman political life.

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