Barada River

Barada River
ancient Chrysorrhoas

River, western Syria.

It flows about 45 mi (72 km) from the Anti-Lebanon Mountains past Damascus. Throughout history, channels have been cut at different levels parallel to the main branch of the river to divert its flow. The channels (of Nabataean, Aramaean, and, especially, Roman origin) fan out as they reach Damascus, irrigating a large area. This system created the site of Damascus, an artificial oasis of extreme fertility.

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Greek  Chrysorrhoas,  

      river of western Syria. It rises in the Anti-Lebanon Mountains and flows southward for 52 miles (84 km) through Damascus to intermittent Lake Al-ʿUtaybah and its marshes. The Baradā River sets out peacefully on its course only to become within 20 miles a raging torrent, its volume almost doubled by the Fījah Spring, which has been tapped to bring drinking water to Damascus. Without human intervention, the Baradā River would have cut a deep bed through the Damascus Depression, wasting most of its water. Throughout history humans have cut channels at different levels parallel to the main branch of the river to divert its flow. The channels, of Nabataean, Aramaean, and especially Roman origin, fan out as they reach the edge of Damascus, irrigating an area of about 145 square miles (375 square km). This system, kept in repair over time, has created Al-Ghūṭah, a fertile belt near the city of Damascus in what would otherwise have been an arid place.

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