/sing"geuhl/, adj., v., singled, singling, n.
1. only one in number; one only; unique; sole: a single example.
2. of, pertaining to, or suitable for one person only: a single room.
3. solitary or sole; lone: He was the single survivor.
4. unmarried: a single man.
5. pertaining to the unmarried state: the single life.
6. of one against one, as combat or fight.
7. consisting of only one part, element, or member: a single lens.
8. sincere and undivided: single devotion.
9. separate, particular, or distinct; individual: Every single one of you must do your best. It's the single most important thing.
10. uniform; applicable to all: a single safety code for all manufacturers.
11. (of a bed or bedclothes) twin-size.
12. (of a flower) having only one set of petals.
13. Brit. of standard strength or body, as ale, beer, etc. Cf. double (def. 1).
14. (of the eye) seeing rightly.
15. to pick or choose (one) from others (usually fol. by out): to single out a fact for special mention.
16. Baseball.
a. to cause the advance of (a base runner) by a one-base hit.
b. to cause (a run) to be scored by a one-base hit (often fol. by in or home).
17. Baseball. to hit a single.
18. one person or thing; a single one.
19. an accommodation suitable for one person only, as a hotel room or a table at a restaurant: to reserve a single.
20. a ticket for a single seat at a theater.
21. Brit.
a. a one-way ticket.
b. a steam locomotive having one driving wheel on each side.
22. an unmarried person, esp. one who is relatively young.
23. Baseball. Also called one-base hit. a base hit that enables a batter to reach first base safely.
24. singles, (used with a sing. v.) a match with one player on each side, as a tennis match.
25. Golf. twosome (def. 4).
26. Cricket. a hit for which one run is scored.
27. Informal. a one-dollar bill.
28. a phonograph record, CD, or cassette usually having two songs.
29. one of the songs recorded on a single.
30. Often, singles. Textiles.
a. reeled or spun silk that may or may not be thrown.
b. a one-ply yarn of any fiber that has been drawn and twisted.
[1275-1325; late ME (adj.), ME sengle < OF < L singulus individual, single, (pl.) one apiece, deriv. of *sem- one (see SIMPLEX)]
Syn. 1. distinct, particular. 3. isolated. 4. unwed. 15. select. 18. individual.

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