sharply, adv.sharpness, n.
/shahrp/, adj., sharper, sharpest, v., adv., n.
1. having a thin cutting edge or a fine point; well-adapted for cutting or piercing: a sharp knife.
2. terminating in an edge or point; not blunt or rounded: The table had sharp corners.
3. involving a sudden or abrupt change in direction or course: a sharp curve in the road; The car made a sharp turn.
4. abrupt, as an ascent: a sharp drop.
5. consisting of angular lines and pointed forms or of thin, long features: He had a sharp face.
6. clearly defined; distinct: a sharp photographic image.
7. distinct or marked, as a contrast: sharp differences of opinion.
8. pungent or biting in taste: a sharp cheese.
9. piercing or shrill in sound: a sharp cry.
10. keenly cold, as weather: a sharp, biting wind.
11. felt acutely; intense; distressing: sharp pain.
12. merciless, caustic, or harsh: sharp words.
13. fierce or violent: a sharp struggle.
14. keen or eager: sharp desire.
15. quick, brisk, or spirited.
16. alert or vigilant: They kept a sharp watch for the enemy.
17. mentally acute: a sharp lad.
18. extremely sensitive or responsive; keen: sharp vision; sharp hearing.
19. shrewd or astute: a sharp bargainer.
20. shrewd to the point of dishonesty: sharp practice.
21. Music.
a. (of a tone) raised a chromatic half step in pitch: F sharp.
b. above an intended pitch, as a note; too high (opposed to flat).
22. Informal. very stylish: a sharp dresser; a sharp jacket.
23. Radio, Electronics. of, relating to, or responsive to a very narrow range of frequencies. Cf. broadband.
24. Phonet. fortis; voiceless.
25. composed of hard, angular grains, as sand.
26. Music. to raise in pitch, esp. by one chromatic half step.
27. to sound above the true pitch.
28. keenly or acutely.
29. abruptly or suddenly: to pull a horse up sharp.
30. punctually: Meet me at one o'clock sharp.
31. vigilantly.
32. briskly; quickly.
33. Music. above the true pitch: You're singing a little sharp.
34. something sharp.
35. Usually, sharps. a medium-length needle with a rounded eye and a sharp point, used for all-purpose hand sewing.
36. a sharper.
37. Informal. an expert.
38. Music.
a. a tone one chromatic half step above a given tone.
b. (in musical notation) the symbol # indicating this.
[bef. 900; (adj.) ME; OE scearp; c. G scharf; akin to Ir cearb a cut (n.), keen (adj.); (adv.) ME; OE scearpe, deriv. of the adj.; (n.) ME, deriv. of the adj.; (v.) deriv. of the adj.]
Syn. 1. SHARP, KEEN refer to the edge or point of an instrument, tool, and the like. SHARP applies, in general, to a cutting edge or a point capable of piercing: a sharp knife; a sharp point. KEEN is usually applied to sharp edges: a keen sword blade. 6. clear. 8. acrid, bitter, piquant, sour. 10. piercing, nipping, biting. 11. severe, excruciating. 12. unmerciful, cutting, acid, acrimonious, pointed, biting. 16. attentive. 17. clever, discriminating, discerning, perspicacious.
As applied to mental qualities, SHARP, KEEN, INTELLIGENT, QUICK have varying implications. SHARP suggests an acute, sensitive, alert, penetrating quality: a sharp mind. KEEN implies observant, incisive, and vigorous: a keen intellect. INTELLIGENT means not only acute, alert, and active, but also able to reason and understand: an intelligent reader. QUICK suggests lively and rapid comprehension, prompt response to instruction, and the like: quick at figures. 20. shady, deceitful.
Ant. 1. dull.

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