savorer, n.savoringly, adv.savorless, adj.savorous, adj.
/say"veuhr/, n.
1. the quality in a substance that affects the sense of taste or of smell.
2. a particular taste or smell.
3. distinctive quality or property.
4. power to excite or interest.
5. Archaic. repute.
6. to have savor, taste, or odor.
7. to exhibit the peculiar characteristics; smack (often fol. by of): His business practices savor of greed.
8. to give a savor to; season; flavor.
9. to perceive by taste or smell, esp. with relish: to savor the garden's odors.
10. to give oneself to the enjoyment of: to savor the best in life.
Also, esp. Brit., savour.
[1175-1225; (n.) ME sav(o)ur < OF savour < L saporem, acc. of sapor taste, deriv. of sapere to taste (cf. SAPIENT); (v.) ME sav(o)uren < OF savourer < LL saporare, deriv. of sapor]
Syn. 1. relish, smack; odor, scent, fragrance. See taste.
Usage. See -or1.

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