savorily, adv.savoriness, n.
/say"veuh ree/, adj., savorier, savoriest, n., pl. savories.
1. pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell: a savory aroma.
2. piquant: a savory jelly.
3. pleasing, attractive, or agreeable.
4. Brit. an aromatic, often spicy course or dish served either as an appetizer or as a dessert, as pickled fish or brandied fruit.
Also, esp. Brit., savoury.
[1175-1225; ME savori (see SAVOR, -Y1); r. ME savure < OF savoure, ptp. of savourer to savor]
Syn. 1, 2. See palatable.
/say"veuh ree/, n., pl. savories.
any of several aromatic herbs belonging to the genus Satureja, of the mint family, esp. S. hortensis (summer savory) or S. montana (winter savory), having narrow leaves used in cookery.
[1350-1400; ME saverey, perh. for OE saetherie < L satureia (whence also OE saturege, ME satureie)]

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Aromatic annual herb (Satureja hortensis) of the mint family, native to southern Europe.

The dried leaves and flowering tops are used as a flavouring and in herb bouquets. Winter, or dwarf, savory (S. montana) is smaller and flowers in winter. It is used for culinary purposes almost interchangeably with the summer species.

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      (species Satureia hortensis), aromatic annual herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae, or Labiatae), the dried leaves and flowering tops of which are used to flavour many foods, particularly poultry and stuffings. In Germany savory is called the bean herb, but the plant is also used in many other vegetables and salads and is a popular ingredient in herb bouquets. The dried leaves are greenish brown and have a fragrant aroma and a warm, slightly sharp taste. Native to southern Europe, savory is cultivated in many climates, particularly in France and Spain. The ancient Greeks and Romans used it blended with thyme for flavouring game and stuffings. In the time of the Caesars, the Romans brought savory to Britain. The colonists brought it to America, and it is a favourite seasoning in the United States. Savory contains about 1 percent essential oil, the principal component of which is carvacrol.

      Winter savory, or dwarf savory, is Satureia montana, a smaller subshrub that flowers in winter. It is used for culinary purposes almost interchangeably with the summer species.

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