roundness, n.
/rownd/, adj., rounder, roundest, n., adv., prep., v.
1. having a flat, circular surface, as a disk.
2. ring-shaped, as a hoop.
3. curved like part of a circle, as an outline.
4. having a circular cross section, as a cylinder; cylindrical.
5. spherical or globular, as a ball.
6. shaped more or less like a part of a sphere; hemispherical.
7. free from angularity; consisting of full, curved lines or shapes, as handwriting or parts of the body.
8. executed with or involving circular motion.
9. full, complete, or entire: a round dozen.
10. noting, formed, or expressed by an integer or whole number with no fraction.
11. expressed, given, or exact to the nearest multiple or power of ten; in tens, hundreds, thousands, or the like: in round numbers.
12. roughly correct; approximate: a round guess.
13. considerable in amount; ample: a round sum of money.
14. brought to completeness or perfection.
15. full and sonorous, as sound.
16. vigorous or brisk: a round trot.
17. straightforward, plain, or candid; outspoken: a round scolding.
18. positive or unqualified: a round assertion.
19. any round shape, as a circle, ring or sphere.
20. a circular, ring-shaped, curved, or spherical object; a rounded form.
21. something circular in cross section, as a rung of a ladder or chair.
22. Sometimes, rounds. a completed course of time, series of events or operations, etc., ending at a point corresponding to that at the beginning: We waited through the round of many years.
23. any complete course, series, or succession: The strike was settled after a long round of talks; a round of parties.
24. Often, rounds. a going around from place to place, as in a habitual or definite circuit: a doctor's rounds.
25. a completed course or spell of activity, commonly one of a series, in some play or sport: the second round of a tournament.
26. a recurring period of time, succession of events, duties, etc.: the daily round.
27. an entire range: the round of human capabilities.
28. a single outburst, as of applause or cheers.
29. a single discharge of shot by each of a number of guns, rifles, etc.
30. a single discharge by one firearm.
31. a charge of ammunition for a single shot.
32. a single serving, esp. of drink, made more or less simultaneously to everyone present, as at table or at a bar: The next round is on me.
33. See round dance.
34. movement in a circle or around an axis.
35. Cookery.
a. Also, round of beef. the portion of the thigh of beef below the rump and above the leg. See diag. under beef.
b. Informal. See round steak.
36. a slice, as of bread.
37. Archery. a specified number of arrows shot from a specified distance from the target in accordance with the rules.
38. one of a series of three-minute periods making up a boxing match: a 15-round bout.
39. Music.
a. a short, rhythmical canon at the unison, in which the several voices enter at equally spaced intervals of time.
b. rounds, the order followed in ringing a peal of bells in diatonic sequence from the highest to the lowest.
40. Golf. a playing of the complete course.
41. Cards. a division of play in a game, consisting of a turn each for every player to bid, bet, play a card, deal the cards, or be dealt cards.
42. in the round,
a. (of a theater) having a stage completely surrounded by seats for the audience.
b. in the style of theater-in-the-round: The play should be done in the round.
c. in complete detail; from all aspects: a character as seen in the round.
d. (of sculpture) not attached to a supporting background; freestanding.
43. make the rounds,
a. to go from one place to another, as in making deliveries, paying social visits, or seeking employment.
b. Also, go the rounds. to be reported or told; circulate: another rumor making the rounds.
44. throughout or from the beginning to the end of a recurring period of time: all year round.
45. Also, 'round. around: The music goes round and round.
46. throughout (a period of time): a resort visited all round the year.
47. around: It happened round noon.
48. to make round.
49. to free from angularity; fill out symmetrically; make plump.
50. to bring to completeness or perfection; finish.
51. Jewelry. to form (a gem) roughly (sometimes fol. by up); girdle.
52. to end (a sentence, paragraph, etc.) with something specified: He rounded his speech with a particularly apt quotation.
53. to encircle or surround.
54. to make a complete circuit of; pass completely around.
55. to make a turn or partial circuit around or to the other side of: to round a corner.
56. to cause to move in a circle; turn around.
57. Phonet.
a. to make the opening at (the lips) relatively round or pursed during an utterance.
b. to pronounce (a speech sound, esp. a vowel) with rounded lips; labialize.
c. to contract (the lips) laterally. Cf. spread (def. 14), unround.
58. Math. to replace by the nearest multiple of 10, with 5 being increased to the next highest multiple: 15,837 can be rounded to 15,840; then to 15,800; then to 16,000.
59. to become round.
60. to become free from angularity; become plump.
61. to develop to completeness or perfection.
62. to take a circular course; make a circuit, as a guard.
63. to make a turn or partial circuit around something.
64. to turn around as on an axis: to round on one's heels.
65. to reduce successively the number of digits to the right of the decimal point of a mixed number by dropping the final digit and adding 1 to the next preceding digit if the dropped digit was 5 or greater, or leaving the preceding digit unchanged if the dropped digit was 4 or less.
66. round off,
a. to complete or perfect; finish.
b. to express as a round number, usually to the nearest multiple of 10.
67. round out,
a. to complete or perfect: The new coin rounded out his collection.
b. to fill out; become rounder: She rounded out so nicely that everyone soon forgot she had been so ill.
68. round to, Naut. to turn a sailing vessel in the direction from which the wind is blowing.
69. round up,
a. to drive or bring (cattle, sheep, etc.) together.
b. to assemble; gather: to round up all the suspects in an investigation.
[1250-1300; (adj.) ME rond, round < OF, s. of ront, earlier reont < L rotundus round, circular (see ROTUND); (n.) ME, partly deriv. of the adj., partly < OF rond, ronde (deriv. of ront); (v.) ME, deriv. of the adj.; (adv. and prep.) ME, appar. aph. var. of AROUND]
Syn. 9. whole, unbroken. 20. cylinder. 22. cycle, revolution, period.
Ant. 1. angular.
/rownd/, v.t., v.i. Archaic.
to whisper.
[bef. 1000; ME rounen, OE runian, deriv. of run a secret, RUNE1]

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      in music, a polyphonic vocal composition in which three or four voices follow each other around in a perpetual canon at the unison or octave. The catch is a particular type of round.

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