recordable, adj.recordless, adj.
v. /ri kawrd"/; n., adj. /rek"euhrd/, v.t.
1. to set down in writing or the like, as for the purpose of preserving evidence.
2. to cause to be set down or registered: to record one's vote.
3. to state or indicate: He recorded his protest, but it was disregarded.
4. to serve to relate or to tell of: The document records that the battle took place six years earlier.
5. to set down or register in some permanent form, as on a seismograph.
6. to set down, register, or fix by characteristic marks, incisions, magnetism, etc., for the purpose of reproduction by a phonograph or magnetic reproducer.
7. to make a recording of: The orchestra recorded the 6th Symphony.
8. to record something; make a record.
9. an act of recording.
10. the state of being recorded, as in writing.
11. an account in writing or the like preserving the memory or knowledge of facts or events.
12. information or knowledge preserved in writing or the like.
13. a report, list, or aggregate of actions or achievements: He made a good record in college. The ship has a fine sailing record.
14. a legally documented history of criminal activity: They discovered that the suspect had a record.
15. something or someone serving as a remembrance; memorial: Keep this souvenir as a record of your visit.
16. the tracing, marking, or the like, made by a recording instrument.
17. something on which sound or images have been recorded for subsequent reproduction, as a grooved disk that is played on a phonograph or an optical disk for recording sound (audiodisk) or images (videodisk). Cf. compact disk.
18. the highest or best rate, amount, etc., ever attained, esp. in sports: to hold the record for home runs; to break the record in the high jump.
19. Sports. the standing of a team or individual with respect to contests won, lost, and tied.
20. an official writing intended to be preserved.
21. Computers. a group of related fields, or a single field, treated as a unit and comprising part of a file or data set, for purposes of input, processing, output, or storage by a computer.
22. Law.
a. the commitment to writing, as authentic evidence, of something having legal importance, esp. as evidence of the proceedings or verdict of a court.
b. evidence preserved in this manner.
c. an authentic or official written report of proceedings of a court of justice.
23. go on record, to issue a public statement of one's opinion or stand: He went on record as advocating immediate integration.
24. off the record,
a. not intended for publication; unofficial; confidential: The President's comment was strictly off the record.
b. not registered or reported as a business transaction; off the books.
25. on record,
a. existing as a matter of public knowledge; known.
b. existing in a publication, document, file, etc.: There was no birth certificate on record.
adj. record
26. making or affording a record.
27. surpassing or superior to all others: a record year for automobile sales.
[1175-1225; 1875-80 for def. 17; (v.) ME recorden < OF recorder < L recordari to remember, recollect (re- RE- + cord- (s. of cors) HEART + -ari inf. ending); (n.) ME record(e) < OF, deriv. of recorder; cf. ML recordum]
Syn. 1. register, enroll, enter, note. 11. chronicle, history, journal; note, memorandum.

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