forwardable, adj.forwardly, adv.
/fawr"weuhrd/, adv. Also, forwards.
1. toward or at a place, point, or time in advance; onward; ahead: to move forward; from this day forward; to look forward.
2. toward the front: Let's move forward so we can hear better.
3. into view or consideration; out; forth: He brought forward several good suggestions.
4. toward the bow or front of a vessel or aircraft.
5. ahead (defs. 4, 5).
6. directed toward a point in advance; moving ahead; onward: a forward motion.
7. being in a condition of advancement; well-advanced: It was quite forward in the season when we finished our planting.
8. ready, prompt, or eager.
9. presumptuous, impertinent, or bold: a rude, forward child.
10. situated in the front or forepart: the forward part of the ship.
11. of or pertaining to the future; for the future or forward delivery: forward buying; a forward price.
12. lying ahead or to the front: Take the forward path.
13. radical or extreme, as persons or opinions: the forward trend in certain liberal thought.
14. Sports.
a. a player stationed in advance of others on a team.
b. Football. a lineman.
c. Basketball. either of two players stationed in the forecourt.
15. Finance. something bought, as a security, for future delivery.
16. to send forward; transmit, esp. to a new address: to forward a letter.
17. to advance or help onward; promote: The training will help to forward your career.
18. to advance or play a mechanism, recording tape, cassette, etc., in the forward direction: to find a musical selection without forwarding through the whole cassette.
[bef. 900; ME; OE for(e)weard. See FORE1, -WARD]
Syn. 1. FORWARD, ONWARD both indicate a direction toward the front or a movement in a frontward direction. FORWARD applies to any movement toward what is or is conceived to be the front or a goal: to face forward; to move forward in the aisles. ONWARD applies to any movement in continuance of a course: to march onward toward a goal. 8. willing, earnest, zealous. 9. assuming, impudent. See bold. 11. early, preliminary, future, premature. 13. unconventional, progressive. 17. further, foster.
Ant. 6. backward.

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Universalium. 2010.

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