/dumps/, n.
a depressed state of mind (usually prec. by in the): to be in the dumps over money problems.
[1515-25; cf. G dumpf dull, MD domp haze]

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  • Dumps — (d[u^]mps), n. pl. a gloomy mental state; same as 2nd {dump[1]}; used mostly in the phrase in the dumps . [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • dumps — /dʌmps / (say dumps) Colloquial –plural noun 1. a dull, gloomy state of mind. –phrase 2. down in the dumps, in a dull or depressed state of mind. {early Modern English dump a slow dance, sad tune. Compare Middle Dutch domp haze} …  

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  • dumps — See: DOWN IN THE DUMPS or DOWN IN THE MOUTH …   Dictionary of American idioms

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