chlorotic /klaw rot"ik, kloh-/, adj.chlorotically, adv.
/klaw roh"sis, kloh-/, n.
1. an abnormally yellow color of plant tissues, resulting from partial failure to develop chlorophyll, caused by a nutrient deficiency or the activities of a pathogen.
2. Also called greensickness. Pathol. a benign type of iron-deficiency anemia in adolescent girls, marked by a pale yellow-green complexion.
[1675-85; CHLOR-1 + -OSIS]

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      symptom of plant disease in which normally green tissue is pale, yellow, or bleached. It results from failure of chlorophyll to develop because of infection by a virus; lack of an essential mineral or oxygen; injury from alkali, fertilizer, air pollution, or cold; insect, mite, or nematode feeding; gas main leaks; compaction or change in soil level; and stem or root rot. Severely chlorotic plants are stunted, and shoots may die back to the roots. Control is aimed specifically at the causal agent of the disease.

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