/chip"ee/, n., pl. chippies.
1. Also, chippie. Slang.
a. a promiscuous woman.
b. a prostitute.
[1860-65, Amer.; CHIPP(ING SPARROW) + -Y2; def. 1 appar. deriv. of this sense, or from CHIP2]
/chip"ee/, n., pl. chippies.
a chipmunk.
[CHIP(MUNK) + -Y2]
/chip"ee/, adj., chippier, chippiest.
1. Ice Hockey. using or characterized by aggressive, rough play or commission of fouls: a chippy player; a chippy second period.
2. Canadian. irritable; ill-tempered.
[1890-95, for def. 2; CHIP1 (Compare CHIP ON ONE'S SHOULDER) + -Y1]
/chip"ee/, n., pl. chippies. Brit. Informal.
1. a carpenter.
2. a store selling fish and chips.
[CHIP1 + -Y2]

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