/beuh ril'ee oh"sis/, n. Pathol.
beryllium poisoning, characterized by the formation of granulomas, primarily affecting the lungs and causing a cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

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      systemic industrial disease caused by poisoning with beryllium, usually involving the lungs (lung) but occasionally affecting only the skin. There are two forms: an acute illness occurring most frequently in workers extracting beryllium metal from ore or manufacturing beryllium alloys, and a slow-developing chronic disease occurring in scientific and industrial workers who are exposed to beryllium-containing fumes and dust.

      The acute disease involves both skin and lungs, causing a burning rash, eye irritation, nasal discharge, a cough, and chest tightness. The skin disease is caused by direct contact with beryllium salts and the lung disease by inhalation of metal dust or beryllium compounds. Most of those affected by acute berylliosis recover within a few months, but a small number of patients develop a highly fatal inflammation of the lung within 72 hours after a brief, massive exposure to beryllium. The chronic disease may occur more than 15 years after exposure, although the later it develops, the milder it is likely to be. It generally causes shortness of breath, especially after exercise, exhaustion, and a dry cough and can produce a permanent, though moderate, disability.

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