/an'deuh meuh neez", -nees"/, n., pl. Andamanese, adj.
1. Also, Andaman. Also called Andaman Islander. a member of a physically distinctive people that comprise the indigenous population of the Andaman Islands.
2. the language of the Andamanese, of uncertain genetic affiliation.
3. Andaman (def. 1).
[1860-65; ANDAMAN + -ESE]

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      aboriginal inhabitants of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal. Most Andamanese have been detribalized and absorbed into modern Indian life, but traditional culture survives among such groups as the Jarawa and Onge of the lesser islands. Late 20th-century estimates indicated approximately 50 speakers of Andamanese languages and perhaps 550 ethnic Andamanese.

      Until the mid-19th century, the remoteness of these peoples and their strong territorial defenses helped them to avoid outside influences. Some of the Andamanese continue to live by hunting and collecting. The bow, once the only indigenous weapon, was used both for fishing and for hunting wild pigs; the Andamanese had no traps or fishhooks. Turtle, dugong, and fish are caught with nets and harpoons; the latter are used from single-outrigger canoes. Pottery is made, and iron, obtained from wrecks, has been used for arrowheads, knives, and adzes from at least the 18th century. It is shaped by breaking and grinding, a technique derived from the working of shell.

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