ambitiously, adv.ambitiousness, n.
/am bish"euhs/, adj.
1. having ambition; eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, a specific goal, etc.: ambitious students.
2. showing or caused by ambition: an ambitious attempt to break the record.
3. strongly desirous; eager: ambitious of love and approval.
4. requiring exceptional effort, ability, etc.: an ambitious program for eliminating all slums.
[1350-1400; ME < L ambitiosus, equiv. to ambiti(o) AMBITION + -osus -OUS]
Syn. 1. AMBITIOUS, ASPIRING, ENTERPRISING describe a person who wishes to rise above his or her present position or condition. The AMBITIOUS person wishes to attain worldly success, and puts forth effort toward this end: ambitious for social position. The ENTERPRISING person, interested especially in wealth, is characterized by energy and daring in undertaking projects. The ASPIRING person wishes to rise (mentally or spiritually) to a higher level or plane, or to attain some end above ordinary expectations.
Ant. 1. apathetic, lackadaisical.

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Universalium. 2010.

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