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▪ Latin American colonist
Spanish  Peninsular, plural Peninsulares,  also called  Gachupín , or  Chapetón 

      any of the colonial residents of Latin America from the 16th through the early 19th centuries who had been born in Spain. The name refers to the Iberian Peninsula. Among the American-born in Mexico the peninsulars were contemptuously called gachupines (“those with spurs”) and in South America, chapetones (“tenderfeet”). They enjoyed the special favour of the Spanish crown and were appointed to most of the leading civil and ecclesiastical posts under the colonial regime. As a result, the creoles (Creole), or persons of Spanish ancestry born in the Americas, were relegated to second-class status, though they, in turn, enjoyed many advantages over Indians, blacks, and those of mixed blood. Peninsulars were also given preference in commerce, whereas creoles were severely restricted in their business activities. Thus, there was enmity between the two groups. With the achievement of independence from Spain in the early 19th century, the creoles moved into the first rank of Latin American society, and the peninsulars were, in many cases, driven out.

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