Human plasma lipoproteins

Human plasma lipoproteins

Human plasma lipoproteins
chylomicron VLDL IDL LDL HDL
Density (g/ml) <0.95 0.950–1.006 1.006–1.019 1.019–1.063 1.063–1.210
Components (% dry weight)
protein 2 7 15 20 40–55
triglycerides 83 50 31 10 8
free cholesterol 2 7 7 8 4
cholesteryl esters 3 12 23 42 12–20
phospholipids 7 20 22 22 22
Apoprotein composition A-I, A-II,
B-48, C-I,
C-II, C-III B-100, C-I,
E B-100, C-I,
E B-100 A-I, A-II,
C-I, C-II,
Source: From Christopher K. Mathews, K.E. van Holde, and Kevin G. Ahern, Biochemistry, 3rd ed. (2000), Table 18.1.
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