Selected breeds of ponies

Selected breeds of ponies

Selected breeds of ponies
name origin height (hands)* aptitude characteristics comments
Connemara Ireland 13–14.2 riding; light draft well-formed hindquarters with high-set tail; long neck with full mane; well-muscled legs Ireland's only indigenous breed; extremely hardy; known for its exceptional jumping ability and the ease of its gait
Pony of the Americas (Americas, pony of the) U.S. 11.2–13.2 riding Appaloosa colouring; well-pricked ears; large, prominent eyes cross between a Shetland pony stallion and an Appaloosa mare; developed as a versatile child's mount
Shetland (Shetland pony) Shetland Islands, Scotland 10 riding, light draft thick mane and tail; small head with pronounced jaw; short, muscular neck thought to have existed since Bronze Age; very powerful; used as pit ponies in mines of Great Britain in the 19th century; a popular child's mount
Welsh (Welsh pony) Wales 12.2–13.2 riding, light draft fine head with large eyes and small ears; typically gray in colour very hardy; Arabian influence; excellent gaits
*1 hand = 4 inches (10.16 cm)
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