name colour lustre Mohs hardness specific gravity
argyrodite bluish to purplish black; steel gray when fresh metallic 2½ 6.1–6.3
bournonite steel gray to iron black metallic 2½–3 5.8–5.9
enargite gray black to iron black metallic 3 4.4–4.5
polybasite iron black metallic 2–3 6.0–6.2
proustite scarlet vermillion adamantine 2–2½ 5.6
pyrargyrite deep red adamantine 2½ 5.8
stephanite iron black metallic 2–2½ 6.2–6.3
tetrahedrite flint gray to iron or dull black metallic 3–4½ 4.6–5.1
name habit fracture or cleavage refractive indices or polished section data crystal system
argyrodite crystals and crystal aggregates; crusts; compact masses conchoidal to uneven fracture violet gray white; isotropic (canfieldite) or weakly pleochroic (argyrodite) isometric
bournonite prismatic to tabular crystals; crystal aggregates; granular to compact masses subconchoidal to uneven fracture white; weakly anisotropic and very weakly pleochroic orthorhombic
enargite tabular crystals; granular masses one perfect cleavage gray to light rose brown; strongly anisotropic; weakly pleochroic orthorhombic
polybasite tabular crystals; massive uneven fracture gray white; moderately anisotropic; weakly pleochroic monoclinic
proustite prismatic crystals; compact masses one distinct cleavage omega = 2.979–3.088
epsilon = 2.711–2.792 hexagonal
pyrargyrite prismatic crystals; compact masses one distinct cleavage omega = 3.084
epsilon = 2.881 hexagonal
stephanite prismatic to tabular crystals; disseminated grains; compact masses subconchoidal to uneven fracture strongly anisotropic orthorhombic
tetrahedrite tetrahedral crystals; granular to compact masses subconchoidal to uneven fracture gray to olive brown; isotropic isometric
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