Archbishops of Canterbury

Archbishops of Canterbury

Archbishops of Canterbury
Augustine (Augustine of Canterbury, Saint) (Austin) 597-604
Mellitus (Mellitus of Canterbury, Saint) 619-624
Justus (Justus, Saint) 624-627
Honorius 627-653
Deusdedit 655-664
Theodore (Theodore of Canterbury, Saint) (Theodorus) 668-690
Berhtwald (Beorhtweald) 693-731
Tatwine 731-734
Nothelm 735-739
Cuthbert (Cuthbeorht) 740-760
Bregowine (Breguwine) 761-764
Jaenberht (Jaenbeorht) 765-792
Aethelheard 793-805
Wulfred 805-832
Feologild 832
Ceolnoth 833-870
Aethelred 870-889
Plegmund 890-914
Aethelhelm 914-923
Wulfhelm 923-942
Oda 942-958
Aelfsige 959
Beorhthelm 959
Dunstan (Dunstan of Canterbury, Saint) 960-988
Aethelgar 988-990
Sigeric Serio 990-994
Aelfric 995-1005
Aelfheah (Aelfheah, Saint) 1005-12
Lyfing 1013-20
Aethelnoth 1020-38
Eadsige 1038-50
Stigand 1052-70
Lanfranc 1070-89
Anselm (Anselm of Canterbury, Saint) 1093-1109
Ralph d'Escures 1114-22
William of Corbeil (Corbeil, William of) 1123-36
Theobald 1138-61
Thomas Becket (Becket, Saint Thomas) 1162-70
Richard of Dover 1174-84
Baldwin 1184-90
Hubert Walter 1193-1205
Stephen Langton (Langton, Stephen) 1206-28
Edmund Rich (Edmund of Abington, Saint) 1233-40
Robert Kilwardby 1272-78
John Pecham 1279-92
Robert Winchelsey (Winchelsey, Robert) 1293-1313
Walter Reynolds (Reynolds, Walter) 1313-27
Simon Mepham 1327-33
John Stratford 1333-48
Thomas Bradwardine (Bradwardine, Thomas) 1348-49
Simon Islip 1349-66
Simon Langham 1366-68
William Whittlesey 1368-74
Simon Sudbury 1375-81
William Courtenay (Courtenay, William) 1381-96
Thomas Arundel (Arundel, Thomas) 1396-97
Roger Walden 1397-99
Thomas Arundel (Arundel, Thomas) (restored) 1399-1414
Henry Chichele 1414-43
John Stafford 1443-52
John Kempe (Kempe, John) 1452-54
Thomas Bourgchier 1454-86
John Morton (Morton, John) 1486-1500
Henry Deane 1501-03
William Warham (Warham, William) 1504-32
Thomas Cranmer (Cranmer, Thomas) 1533-56
Reginald Pole (Pole, Reginald) 1556-58
Matthew Parker (Parker, Matthew) 1559-75
Edmund Grindal (Grindal, Edmund) 1575-83
John Whitgift (Whitgift, John) 1583-1604
Richard Bancroft 1604-10
George Abbot 1611-33
William Laud (Laud, William) 1633-45
William Juxon (Juxon, William) 1660-63
Gilbert Sheldon 1663-77
William Sancroft (Sancroft, William) 1677-90
John Tillotson 1691-94
Thomas Tenison 1694-1715
William Wake 1715-37
John Potter 1737-47
Thomas Herring 1747-57
Matthew Hutton 1757-58
Thomas Secker 1758-68
Frederick Cornwallis 1768-83
John Moore 1783-1805
Charles Manners Sutton 1805-28
William Howley 1828-48
John Bird Sumner 1848-62
Charles Thomas Longley 1862-68
Archibald Campbell Tait (Tait, Archibald Campbell) 1868-82
Edward White Benson (Benson, Edward White) 1883-96
Frederick Temple (Temple, Frederick) 1896-1902
Randall Thomas Davidson 1903-28
Cosmo Gordon Lang (Lang, Cosmo Gordon Lang, Baron) (from 1942, Baron Lang of Lambeth) 1928-42
William Temple (Temple, William) 1942-44
Geoffrey Francis Fisher (from 1961, Baron Fisher of Lambeth) 1945-61
Arthur Michael Ramsey (Ramsey, Michael, Baron Ramsey Of Canterbury) 1961-74
Frederick Donald Coggan (Coggan, Donald, Baron) 1974-80
Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie (Runcie, Robert) 1980-91
George Carey (Carey, George) 1991-2002
Rowan Williams (Williams, Rowan) 2002-
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