Zhang Qian

Zhang Qian

▪ Chinese explorer
Wade-Giles romanization  Chang Ch'ien 
born , Chenggu [now in Shaanxi province], China
died 114 BCE

      Chinese explorer, the first man to bring back a reliable account of the lands of Central Asia to the court of China. He was dispatched by the Han dynasty emperor Wudi in 138 BCE to establish relations with the Yuezhi people, a Central Asian tribal group that spoke an Indo-European language. Captured by the Xiongnu, nomadic enemies of China, he was detained for 10 years. Nevertheless, he managed to reach his destination and returned to China after an absence of 13 years. Seven years later he was sent on another mission, this time to the Wusun, another Indo-European people living in the Ili River valley north of the Tarim Basin. In addition to traveling himself, he sent his assistant to visit the Fergana Valley (Uzbekistan), Bactria (Afghanistan), and Sogdiana (west Turkestan, now in Uzbekistan). He gathered information on Parthia, India, and other states in the area. His mission brought the Chinese into contact with the outposts of Hellenistic culture established by Alexander the Great, opened the way for exchanges of envoys between these Central Asian states and the Han, and led to the introduction into China of a superior breed of horses and new plants, such as grapes and alfalfa.

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