Weyler y Nicolau, Valeriano, Marqués De Tenerife

Weyler y Nicolau, Valeriano, Marqués De Tenerife

▪ Spanish general
born Sept. 17, 1838, Palma, Majorca
died Oct. 20, 1930, Madrid

      Spanish general who, as captain general of Cuba shortly before the outbreak of the Spanish–American War (1898), used stern antirebel measures that were exploited by U.S. newspapers to inflame public opinion against Spanish rule of Cuba.

      Weyler entered the military early in life. He fought against the Cuban rebels (1868–72) and then returned to Spain to serve against the Carlists, Bourbon traditionalists. He was captain general of the Canary Islands (1878–83), of the Balearic Islands (1883), and of the Philippines (1888), where he helped suppress native uprisings. Eight years later he was sent to Cuba, also to quell insurgency. His harsh and energetic policies raised a storm of American protest, which helped lead to his recall in October 1897.

      Weyler then held a variety of governmental posts and in 1921–23 was army commander in chief. In 1926 he took part in an abortive plot against the Primo de Rivera regime. At his death, his reputation as a severe and unyielding military man was undiminished.

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