Wallas, Graham

Wallas, Graham

▪ British political scientist
born May 31, 1858, Sunderland, Eng.
died Aug. 10, 1932, London

      British educator, public official, and political scientist known for his contributions to the development of an empirical approach to the study of human behaviour.

      Wallas studied at Oxford (1877–81) and was a teacher (1881–90). He joined the Fabian Society in 1886 and was a contributor to Fabian Essays in Socialism (1889). Growing dissatisfied with the anti-liberal views of many of the leading Fabians, however, he resigned from the executive committee in 1895 and from the society in 1904.

      Wallas began a distinguished career in higher education in 1890 as a university extension lecturer. In 1895 he joined the faculty of the London School of Economics, where he taught until his retirement in 1923. He served on the London County Council (1904–07) and was a member of its Education Committee (1908–10). He was also chairman of the school management committee of the London School Board. In 1914 he became university professor of political science at the University of London.

      Wallas' writings reflected a basic optimism toward social problems mixed with some skepticism. He was highly critical of contemporary social science for not being sufficiently scientific. Among Wallas' major works are The Life of Francis Place (1898), a study of the 19th-century liberal reformer and trade union supporter; Human Nature in Politics (1908), an appeal for more understanding of the psychological aspects of political behaviour; and The Great Society (1914), an amplification of themes in Human Nature in Politics, examining human nature in a complex industrial society.

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