Testamentum Domini

Testamentum Domini

▪ early Christian work
English  Testament of the Lord 

      one of a series of writings (including the Apostolic Constitutions and the Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus) that claim to set forth the fundamental rules of the early Christian Church. Originally written in Greek, probably in the 4th–5th century, it survives in a 7th-century Syriac translation.

      According to the work, the author was Jesus Christ, and thus it claims a higher authority than those works that were ascribed to the Apostles. It has a highly ascetic tone and imposes strict regulations on Christians, who are pictured as set in the midst of wolves, despised and slighted by the careless and worldly. There is frequent mention of the persecuted and of the duty of bearing the cross. Great stress is laid upon virginity (although there is no sign of monasticism), fasting, and regular attendance at prayer of the entire clerical body and the more perfect of the laity.

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