▪ emperor of Japan
in full  Tenji Tennō , Tenji also spelled  Tenchi , original name  Nakano Ōe 
born 625/626, Japan
died Jan. 7, 672, Ōtsu, Ōmi province

      38th emperor of Japan, from 668 to 672, and the ruler who freed the Japanese court from the domination of the Soga family. Tenji implemented a series of reforms that strengthened the central government in accord with the Chinese model and restored power to the emperor.

      The Soga (Soga Iruka) family had begun to dominate the Imperial family in the late 6th century AD, and by 645 it appeared that Iruka, the son of the head of the Soga clan, would attempt to usurp the throne for himself. Nakano Ōe, then an Imperial prince, conspired with Nakatomi Kamatari, the head of the powerful Nakatomi family, to murder Iruka at court, the only place where he was not surrounded by bodyguards. When the assassin faltered at the last minute, the prince picked up the spear and slew Iruka. Defection to Nakano's side on the part of some disgruntled members of the Soga family caused opposition to the coup to collapse, and Iruka's supporters were soon dispersed.

      The empress Kōgyoku, Nakano's mother (who reigned a second time as the empress Saimei), abdicated on the following day, and the former Imperial prince Karu was enthroned as the emperor Kōtoku. Named heir apparent, Nakano Ōe was free to promulgate a series of reforms, drawn up with Kamatari (see Taika era reforms), requiring the great nobles to recognize the supremacy of the emperor. Private property in the form of land or workers was abolished, the region around the capital was set up as an administrative district, and governors were appointed for the provinces. Moreover, the population was registered, the arable land surveyed, and a new system of taxation instituted. These reforms transformed Japan into a powerful centralized nation, resembling (on a smaller scale) T'ang China.

      In 662 Nakano Ōe became emperor, although he was not officially enthroned until 668. Meanwhile, the Korean kingdom of Packche was invaded by Chinese troops. The new emperor, Tenji, came to the aid of the Koreans, but his troops were decisively defeated. Unable to challenge Chinese sovereignty in the area, he withdrew and abandoned all Japanese interests in Korea. Japanese troops remained off the Korean peninsula until 1598, when they were again defeated by China.

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